Born in Adana, Began her design studies at the architecture faculty in Cukurova University in 1994 and enrolled Tomaster's Degree in architectural design in Istanbul Technical University, had worked on the architectural projects for 12 years. In 2012 she attended to a traditional 1 year training in gold and silver smithing and enamelling at Mahrec Art Studio. She is still an attendee at conceptual class for 4 semester in Maden Contemporary Jewellery Studio.


Producing inner images is a natural process as a part of thinking. Thinking in images is always directed towards the whole of the imagined reality and the process begin to form an image of the desired object. The material and sensuous quality of the inner image help here to find an essential one. The sense that I try to instill materials is beyond the rules of composition and their tangibility. Things, objects reveal the core of emotions by their endless layers like integrity, solidity, delicacy, gravity... It is not a voluntary act, it happens instantly...